The Art of Storytelling

Creator Ange Costes

Ange is a Certified Professional Photographer with over 20 years experience capturing moments through her camera lens. Ange has left her artistic mark working with studios, media agencies, corporate clients and not-for-profit organizations in France and Australia. 

Notably, she has used her skills to support causes close to her heart, collaborating with entities like Palliative Care Queensland, Ambulance Wish Queensland and Animal Welfare League Queensland.

Beyond traditional settings, Ange is no stranger to the vibrant world of events. Whether it's festivals pulsating with energy, heartwarming celebrations, or the love-filled atmosphere of weddings, Ange has skillfully frozen these moments in time.

For Ange, her camera is more than just a tool—it's a magical portal that reveals the beauty of the world through her eyes. 

Through her simple yet powerful lens, she invites you to join her on a visual journey, where each click tells a unique story of life's rich tapestry. 

Ange remains a dedicated storyteller, using her lens to share the beauty and emotion she sees in every frame.

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The Story behind Backyard Art Stories

Three years ago, discovering a flyer from a local artist in my mailbox sparked the idea that he could benefit from captivating images for his promotion— a seed planted in my mind. 

Subsequently, I enrolled in a 12-month mentorship program to develop the idea of storytelling.

Joined by writer Sarah Todman in 2022 & 2023, we collaborated on wordsmithing, and together, we launched the first & second editions of BACKYARD·ART·STORIES magazine. 

Since then, my journey has been a profound exploration of artists, their practices, and their needs. 

During this wonderful time, I've gained valuable insights into building a community, forging connections, and understanding how to provide support.

Above all, the most crucial lesson has been realizing how my art and practice can make a meaningful impact in assisting others.