Pakornkiat Limpiyapong

Name: Pakornkiat Limpiyapong (Noom)

Artistic discipline: Luthier

Location: Northern suburbs of Brisbane (previously of Chiang Mai, Thailand)

My creative space is… my workshop, which is set up in the garage at my house. My workshop is small so I have to be organised and find creative ways to use the space. It is always evolving as I enjoy building my own work benches, shelves and storage for my tools and wood.

The last piece I created is… an acoustic guitar handcrafted from Australian wood. I’m originally from Thailand so I have been experimenting with the different woods available here. They all have different qualities of tone, sound, look and feel.

The reason I became an artist/started creating is… quite simply, that building guitars brings me great joy. My love for guitars started when I played in bands with my friends. I was curious about how they worked, looked, sounded and felt. I would read guitar magazines and any reference books I could find. Eventually I found an amazing Luthier in Bangkok, Thailand, Mr Nit, and studied with him in his workshop for a year. He openly shared his knowledge and expertise with me. That was many years ago now, but I have such fond memories of that time.

What is unique about your work? My guitars are lovingly handmade, which is really special to me. It takes much more time and skill than putting timber through a machine. And I really enjoy getting a feel for the wood and seeing the guitar grow into itself.

My biggest artistic challenge is… for every guitar to be the best guitar I’ve ever made. Again, it’s that balance of having great sound and tone, a good feel, and of course that the guitar looks beautiful.

My favourite tool for creating is… a plane to make wood smooth and flat. It’s amazing how much planes vary in their shape, size and thickness. Actually, I collect them. I cannot go past secondhand planes in a market without taking a closer look (and most likely buying them).

How I make space in my life for art…being a Luthier is my creative outlet and also my profession. I’m very fortunate that I am able to do something that I really enjoy.

What my art has taught me…The process of guitar making is time consuming, methodical, and intricate. My handcrafting of guitars has taught me that I am a very patient, calm, careful and considered person.

Who is your hero? My mum and dad are my heroes. My dad taught me that I could do anything and to be resilient. My mum taught me to be kind and friendly to others.

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