Artistic discipline/s: Visual Art— illustration and painting (digital and traditional), photography

Location: Brisbane’s inner north-west

The last piece I created…a series of French idioms translated in English with the help of Lucien (an imaginary character I created few years ago who features in a lot of my work)

What is unique about your work? Lucien! He is an interesting character (think of a dog’s face on a human body). When I’m not using him as a conduit for translating French idioms, he becomes all dog and with bold and colourful patterns he features on canvas art, skateboards…wherever he leads me really.

Inspiration for my art comes from…the unique beauty and bite(!) of the French language, conversations with friends, colour combinations I come across, and songs.

My creative space is…my home workshop/deck. Is it sometimes messy? Yes! But, when I want to work I can’t start until everything is in order, so art comes after cleaning.

My biggest artistic challenge is…time!

What I do to conjure the muse: I make time for my art and I give myself deadlines. The sparkles always come back when I grab a pen.

How I make space in my life for art…time management, easy access to my creative tools, turning my phone off. 

The hardest part is the first 5 minutes, then I am away. The rest is just about travelling as a passenger. 

My favourite tool for creating is…pencils, charcoal, pens, markers, painting and an IPad Pro.