Artistic discipline/s: sewing and creating eco-friendly projects

Location: Burleigh Waters on the Gold Coast

My creative space is…my first studio was in my head, 24/7… then in a corner of our bedroom when I got my first sewing machine. I would spend hours creating, designing, cutting, assembling on our bed, then sewing, then back on the bed and so on. It was a nightmare for my back but so much fun! We then turned our office into my sewing studio, a lovely sunny room with a beautiful dark purple wall and windows that look out to our jungle of a backyard. I love tidying my studio at the end of the day, folding all my fabrics, seeing all the fabric cuts, picking up needles, scissors, crayons, etc, cleaning my sewing machine, sweeping the floor and seeing all the creative mess I danced in all day, so that in the morning I can do it all again.

The last piece I created is…an eco-friendly and sustainable lunchbox made with natural sheep wool.

What is unique about your work? Seeing myself more like an artisan than an artist, I don’t think there is anything unique about my work, but there is an important core: being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. I want to make sure that the footprint I leave behind on the planet is useful and gentle.

Inspiration for my art comes from…my desire to create useful and eco-friendly items for the community.

My favourite tool for creating is…hand weaving with natural twine, and now, with my latest project working with genuine natural raw sheep wool. Simply the smell of it transports you to nature.

What I do to conjure the muse…nothing. Everything comes at the right time.

The reason I became an artist/started creating is…to create. 
For 15 years I passionately promoted the amazing art of others and needed to move to an energy of my own creation, with my hands.

What I do to conjure the muse…nothing. Everything comes at the right time.

What my art has taught me...that my hands can build my dreams.