Artistic discipline/s: I’m a visual artist who works primarily with paint. I paint with oil paint in my studio on canvas, and acrylic paint on murals. I am also a designer and maker and work with wood and polymer clay. 

Location: Inner Brisbane suburbs 

My creative space is…multiple spaces in my home have been abducted by my art obsession. I work mainly in my studio, however my bedroom, living room and backyard are taken over when necessary. Both my housemate and I are artists so art covers the walls from floor to ceiling. The living room can be converted to photo studio for any impromptu shoots that sprout up with new ideas. My bedroom is full of half-made bird ornaments at the moment. Our space is very versatile and minimal to allow for change. 

The last piece I created is…I painted a still life a few days ago. I was feeling at a loss with winter and wanted something bright and warm so I painted some sunflowers. I’ve also just finished painting two murals in the last couple of weeks. The first one was for Brisbane Street Art Festival where I had a wall to paint at the RNA. I love being involved in the festival as they allow artists total creative freedom, which can be quite rare in the mural world. 

Inspiration for my art comes from…my life, past experiences, people I surround myself with, artists who inspire me. So many things. My art is constantly changing and so is the subject matter. I paint what reflects my mood or something I feel I’ve never captured before. I love to learn new ways of doing things. 

My biggest artistic challenge is…balancing my love for creating with my need to earn a living. I’ve turned creating into my life, which is amazing, but it comes with challenges. I’m very conscious of not letting my love for painting be jeopardised. I always make sure there is a balance between painting for work and painting for myself. Sometimes that balance falters but I try to prioritise and put my own ideas first. I think that’s important to do as an artist, not only for mental health, but also to ensure your style stays unique and true to you.

What I do to conjure the muse…I’m always consciously looking at the world. I like to take a walk every day with my dog—this is where I usually get my best ideas. I let my mind wander and contemplate and really see. I look for the beauty in things. I love painting the simple things I see because there’s always a much deeper meaning to be found.