Artistic discipline/s: classically trained musician who now works as a visual artist and storyteller.

Location: Northern suburbs of Brisbane

My creative space is…hmm, my entire home is my creative space! I do have a dedicated art space, however, I tend to work wherever I’m feeling inspired. I find that I like to follow the light and calmness around my house. The kitchen table, the outdoor table, my art desk, my bed, the comfy chair, the not-so-comfy chair—all are utilised.

I create in organised chaos. I like to organise all my supplies before I start an artwork, however, once I get going it gradually becomes messier and messier. By completion the space around me is often a jumbled mess. I think it is important to mention also here that my creative space is in my mind and my surroundings. I love to be outside in nature and I am one of those people who really enjoys noticing details. The unusual shape of a leaf, an interesting pattern in bark, a bird hidden in a tree. They all come together in my mind and inspire the creation of my works. I guess I’m saying that in some ways the whole world is my creative space.

The last piece I created is…I was really impacted emotionally by the flood events in South East Queensland and northern NSW. My daily walks alongside my local creek/waterway has inspired a few pieces lately. In these pieces I’ve explored how I’m coming to terms with the contrast between living in a such a beautiful place, yet seeing it so damaged.

The reason I became an artist/started creating is…I simply have to, it’s part of me. I have been creating my entire life—starting with music and now with art. It is how I make sense of a world I often struggle to truly understand. Alsoand this is very importantin the moments I’m creating, my mind is still. I’m not thinking about everything else. This stillness is essential for my wellbeing. I started sharing my work with others for the reason that maybe, just maybe, I could help or support one other person by bringing some beauty and understanding into their lives.

What is unique about your work? I would say it’s my combined use of story-telling and the incorporation of symbolic devices. Patterns and lots of colour are also distinctive in my art. I love to share the secret stories behind each piece with people when the artwork is complete. What brings me absolute joy is when people see my work for the first time and don’t realise it has a “secret story” and symbolism woven into it and they tell me it just “makes them feel good” or “gives them a sense of comfort”. When I then share the story behind the work and the hidden messages, they are often blown away. This will often prompt a great discussion about the story they see when look at my painting. These kinds of exchanges have been the source of some very special moments over the years and I feel privileged that I can make an impact on someone in that way.

How I make space in my life for art…It’s not optional, it’s as important to me as my sleep or eating or exercise. I create every single week. If I’m really pushed for time, I’ll tell myself “just one line” and I’ll do that. 

What my art has taught me...I’m quirky. But guess what? There are other people out there who are quirky too! Art has helped me to explore and connect with the world.

Words that inspire me…Art is the expression of the profoundest thoughts in the simplest way’