Artistic discipline/s: Taxidermy (sculptural bone and butterfly dome/framed work)

Location: North Brisbane

My creative space house and garage. It's an eclectic and chaotic place full of projects both finished and never quite finished, that continue to inspire me with new ideas. It has a very primal wild woman feel to it that definitely comes through in my work.

The last piece I created is...a beautiful set of personalised commissioned domes that were going to be center pieces for a wedding table. They featured pairs of stunning vivid blue butterflies amongst dried white roses, that would be keepsakes for the happy couple for years to come. 

What is unique about my is a part of me and reflects my view of the world; my understanding of its beauty. 

The reason I became an artist: I fell into art as a way to express myself and channel my ideas and dreams. It has helped me through some dark times by giving me something to hold onto. Creating helps me to never lose sight of myself. 

What I do to conjure the muse...Music is very much an inspiring force behind my pieces. Simply getting out and grounding myself amongst nature and reconnecting with the world always helps too.

My favourite tool for creating hands. I am very much a hands on individual, feeling what I am working with and being a part of the artwork.

How I make space in my life for art...It's hard sometimes and a real juggling act to find the time to create amongst the chaos. I have grown to realise that it's less about making room in my life for art, and more about making room in my art for life! 

What my art has taught be patient and to be kind. That there is beauty in everything. Art does not judge's there for you to express yourself and share a little of yourself with others.