Artistic discipline/s: illustration and graphic design 

Location: South Brisbane.

My creative space is…one end of our master bedroom. It has been set up with a standing desk and a digital tablet. It’s nice because it has a door and is not in a busy part of the house. I also spend a bit of time drawing on the ipad which means usually in front of the TV! It’s VERY messy because more artwork means less housework, right?

The last piece I created is…a small illustration with a quote from Bab The Rabbit (the central character in my children’s picture book series) 

Inspiration for my art comes from…it’s varies. I think my overall creative mindset comes from the greats of the art world I grew up reading about. And from animations and books I enjoyed as a kid. Some of my idols are Richard Scurry, EH Shepard, Hayao Miyazaki, Richard Hargraves, Beatrix potter & Quentin Blake. I look up to them and I’m forever inspired by their work and the ‘way’ they work. Having said that, I am constantly inspired by everyday life too. A joke from my daughter, a conversation I heard at the supermarket, or just watching kids interact can be the beginning of something. The world I want to create in my illustrations is a place of imagination.

What is unique about your work? I would like to think it can take someone to a new place and make them feel like an adventurous kid again.

My biggest artistic challenge is…dealing with the gap between what I want to create and what I am creating in front of me. My ideas don’t always materialise in the way I want them to. I have to stop and remind myself that every piece is part of a bigger piece. I also have to remember not to be so hard on myself when it comes to my skills as an illustrator because I am learning. And I’m levelling up by being here and giving my art the time.

What I do to conjure the muse…I keep some notes on my phone. They are usually just funny sayings or an idea that pops into my head. There are random folders across my computers with pictures I like also. If there is a brief with a project, such as drawing an ice cream shop. It’s helpful to go and do some research in real life too. And a good excuse to buy an ice cream!