Artistic discipline: Wearable art

Location: Brisbane’s northern suburbs

My creative space is…I have a purpose-built designing and making space—it is my dream come true after many years of waiting. The studio is complete with colourful, flower-patterned wallpaper, French-inspired black parquet timber-look floors and a large window looking out to a jungle of green. It is enchanting and delightful; most certainly my happy place and the portal to my imagination.

The last piece I created is…I am currently creating catwalk pieces for the ‘2022 Ravishing Fashionistas’ parade. The Ravishing Fashionistas mission is to empower women and create new norms, where any person can be a model in their own right irrespective of body types, background and beliefs. This year my pieces will include my work with Brisbane designers ‘Anannasa’ and ‘Maiocchi’.

Inspiration for my art comes from…design, fashion and textiles. I love working alongside a garment and creating a piece.

How I make space in my life for art…I make sure I get everything else done and then it’s time to create. You cannot create if your mind is heavy with other things!

What my art has taught me…people are very appreciative and utterly amazed by what others can do.

My biggest artistic challenge is…staying true to what I believe in. In my opinion the racing industry has had an irretrievable fall from grace and I came to the decision a few years ago that I could no longer support industry-associated events. It was a difficult call to make, but I am now really proud of the decision. Of course ‘each to their own’, I am still thrilled to see clients at the races, but it is no longer a driver for my work.

Words that inspire me…“Deepen the mystery”

(Source unknown – my high school Art teacher, circa 1980s)

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